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VHA “110
Race Terms & Conditions
1. Race point is Mount Hope NSW (350mile) on Wednesday 2nd October 2019. Interstate flyers most welcome but must race via lofts transporting with any Melbourne/Geelong Federations.
2. Race conditions as per VHA rules and regulations.
3. Nil refunds or credits permitted.
4. Liberation to be determined by the VHA “110” committee. If conditions not ideal, preference is for holdover or cancellation but not a change in location/distance.
5. 1st prize money guaranteed is $110,000 Prize money awarded to first 20 positions breakdown of prizemoney to be determined by VHA “110” committee and subject to entries.
6. PMV vaccination and Stat Dec required.
7. All first birds clocked must be presented at basketing centre after clocking. Clock presentation at 8:30pm on the day and if race still open on the second day.
8. First 5 fed positioned birds to be homed tested by VHA “110” committee member the day after the race or when practical.
9. If either of these two conditions not met, bird is disqualified.
10. No limit on entries.
11. No limit on fed positions per loft.
12. Ring cost is $100 prior to 1st August and 1st September 2019 and $150 until entries close on 01/09/2019
13. Entries only valid upon payment and VHA “110” authorisation via an email or SMS message by VHA “110” committee.
14. Race loft coordinates subject to verification.
15. Basketing on 30/09/2019 from 5:30pm with all entrants to be at centre by 8:30pm, location is at VHA Headquarters 26 Business Park Drive, Notting Hill Vic
16. By providing a signed application you are considered to have accepted the VHA 110 race terms and conditions.
17. Rings to be year 2018 and registered in the name of the loft where birds are flown
18. Accurate applications required reflecting correct details otherwise invalid.

Download 110 RaceEntry Form 



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