HILLSTON - 25th October, 2014

Birds were liberated at 6:45am

Liberation Report

The 2133 VHA and 214 VPO birds competing in todays race from Hillston were liberated at 6.45am.The birds grouped and left altogether but a few kilometres towards home they split into four groups.The largest two groups then went towards home after 3/4 minutes,the next group after 10 minutes and there was still about 300 there after 15 minutes.The weather at time of liberation was 90% blue sky with some broken cloud to the SW.There was a very light Easterly drift.Good Luck.
 The purpose of The Victorian Homing Association is
  • The protection and improvement of Homing Pigeons and the encouragement and conduct of Federation Races.
  • The regulation of the sports of pigeon racing and the showing of homing and other pigeons.
  • The regulation of all apparatus or appliances applicable to the sports of racing and showing of pigeons and the management and care of pigeons.
  • The protection and advancement of the interest of the members of the association in all matters connected with the said sports.



Message from David Crosbie (Secretary)

November Delegates Meeting  

The November Delegates Meeting will be postponed from Cup Week and will held on Monday, 10th November 2014.




Dear Members,

Please note that Up Front Fee nominations are due this week.

If you happen not to race this weekend, please contact you club secretary with your nomination.

Payment is not required until basketing night of the 1st Hay race.


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