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MORGAN - 19th October, 2019

Birds were liberated at 7:30am

Liberation Report

1184 vha and 111 Gippsland birds were liberated at 7:30 condition were 90% blue skies with a 5 to 10 km westerly . birds left in one group and heading towards home at the 3 min mark with 50 birds returned back to the race point good luck
Veterinary Updates - Dr. Colin Walker
To keep informed of the latest Veterinary Updates re the current virus situation, it is requested that fanciers visit the MELBOURNE BIRD VETERINARY CLINIC       web-site.  www.melbournebirdvet.com
Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Press Releases
The press releases fom the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL RACING PIGEON BOARD (ANRPB) re the current virus situation are in the VET CORNER section of this web-site. This includes details of the 'FIGHTING FUND' set up to defray the various costs that will be involved in developing, trailling and organizing manufacture of a suitable vaccine.
Henry Marciniec

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The purpose of The Victorian Homing Association Incorporated

- The protection, welfare and care of Racing and Show Pigeons. 

- To encourage the participation in and conduct of pigeon races.

- The regulation of the sport of pigeon racing and the showing of homing and other


- The regulation and maintenance of all apparatus and appliances applicable to the

   sport of racing and showing of pigeons.

- The protection and advancement of the interest of the members of the

   Association in all matters connected with the said sports.


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